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Short term safety equipment needs are often overlooked because they do not justify buying expensive equipment. This exposes your company to huge fines and your personnel to financial ruin and even jail. Our rental services are the solution.

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Cost-Effective Rental Solutions for Safety Equipment Keep you compliant for short term needs!

We’ll get you out of a tight spot so you can find a longer term solution, finish the project, or even continue to rent the equipment.

It can be tempting to save money and make do, when you discover that a job needs extra equipment.

But this is false economics in the extreme! When something goes wrong and a worker is seriously injured or killed, the heavy fines will quickly wipe out any short term gains and could even bankrupt your company, managers and supervisors.

As an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure your workplace is safe – and the law is getting tough to ensure you do. The last thing you need is to be liable for a tragedy that could have been avoided – and at a very reasonable cost.

Accidents never have to happen.

So instead of taking that huge risk, give us a call and we’ll rush you the necessary equipment to keep your staff safe and to keep you compliant.


Zokal Safety Equipment is guaranteed to work properly – every time.

We make it easy for your safety personnel to hire gas detection monitors and other safety equipment quickly to protect workers.

We provide a range of clean, certified confined-space and height-safety equipment that is ready to use on site.

Whether you need the equipment temporarily or for long term, just one unit or many, Zokal has the inventory and staff to ensure fast, high quality service.

Find out just how easy and cost-effective your safety and compliance issues can become when we assess your needs and outline a solution for you!

Gas Detection Instrumentation Hire

Weekly | Monthly | Long Term

Ideal for: Utility Outages, Mill Shutdowns, Plant Turnarounds, Environmental Cleanups O2, LEL, CO, CO2, CL2, CH4%, H2S, HCL, HCN, NO2, NO, NH3, PH3, SO2, VOC, VCM

  • We send instruments Australia wide to satisfy client’s needs.
  • All monitors are serviced, function checked and sent with a calibration certification ensuring an instrument that will work first time when you remove it from the packing.
  • Our pre-hire service ensures no further calibration costs for the end user.
  • Experienced technicians are available by phone to address any enquiries regarding the hired instrument and its application.
  • Instruments are set up for the specific needs of the client prior to dispatch
  • Long term contract hire can be managed by our company.
  • Exchange units are available next day in the event that there is a problem or an accident with a hired unit.

Confined Space and Height Safety Equipment Hire

  • We send equipment Australia wide to satisfy client’s needs.
  • All equipment is inspected and certified on the day that it leaves for the client ensuring reliability and compliance.
  • Breathing Apparatus (SCBA, CABA), Escape Sets and Respiratory equipment are serviced and certified prior to leaving for the client.
  • Our pre-hire service ensures no further service costs for the end user.
  • Long term contract hire can be managed by our company.

Benefit from no capital expenditure drain on the company with the bonus that all hire charges are tax deductible.

*** In addition to the above summary, all orders are subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale.

Equipment Hire Process | Hire online or contact Zokal Safety Hire direct

  • Read, Complete and Sign the Terms and Conditions and then Fax it to Zokal Safety Hire on -02-4960 9622
  • The Terms and Conditions agreement will require signing once only by a client.
  • Complete the online Rental Application Form.
  • Upon receipt of the above a booking form will be returned to the client.
  • If the quote is accepted, upon receipt of purchase order number, equipment will then be dispatched to the client.
  • All relevant service reports, calibration reports and certifications will accompany the equipment.

HIRE TERMS & CONDITIONS Click Here to Download (in Acrobat PDF Format)

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