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With over 25 years of experience in personal safety equipment, Zokal Safety Hire provides you with a trusted solution for your safety protection requirements. Zokal Safety Hire offers a full range of safety equipment to ensure that your company and employees are operating in compliance with the highest safety standards. From equipment for confined space entry to self-retracting lifelines and harnesses for all applications.

At Zokal Safety Hire, we are dedicated to providing our customers with only the very best personal safety equipment.

Confined Space/Height Safety Harness
Designation: Full body harness
  • Rear fall arrest D
  • Front fall arrest D
  • Confined space attachment loops
  • Fully adjustable leg and shoulder straps
  • Fully padded leg and shoulder straps
  • Suspension trauma relief straps
Suitable for:

Fall arrest, confined space entry, roof work, ladder systems, levated work platforms, maintenance, construction etc


Spreader Bar, connects to shoulder D-ring harness.

SPREADER BAR (retrieval strap), karabiner connect.


Fall Arrest Rated Shock Absorbing Lanyards are designed to effectively arrest the fall of an individual, whilst minimising the shock loads on the body.

The ‘teartape’ shock pack utilises a controlled tearing action that is initiated during the fall and limits the fall arrest forces to below 6kN.

5-30 Rope Retrieval System

Rope retrieval system or adjustable restraint lanyard, or anchorage strap is a 12mm heavy duty kernmantle rope with an extremely lightweight and easily adjustable rope grab.

This unique product is ideal for use as an adjustable restraint lanyard or as an alternative to the traditional webbing type pole strap.

Safety KIt
All Purpose Kit

Containing 1 x 1104 harness, 1 x 3055 lanyard with Scaffold Hook, 1 x 3051 shock absorber, 1 x 3501 anchor sling, 1 x 3108 rope restraint line and adjuster, kit bag