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There are around 30 deaths each year and over 7,000 injuries due to falls from height according to Safe Work Australia. Many of these deaths could have been prevented.

Height Safety Equipment
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Trust Zokal to Take Care of your Height Safety

With almost 30 deaths and 7,000 injuries each year. Height Safety is something you can’t neglect!

The height-safety specialists at Zokal Safety are able to quickly identify the correct roof anchors, static lines and fall arrest equipment in the correct configuration to suit your building or structure.

For height safety equipment to remain effective, it must be inspected, tested and certified regularly to ensure that compliancy is maintained.

To comply with current Australian Standards (AS 1657) certification is required on all height related equipment every 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the type of equipment.

When inspections are performed by Zokal on anchor points, our technicians use calibrated load testing equipment. All points are tagged accordingly with date of inspection and next inspection dates clearly marked on the labels. As per AS 1657, compliance plates are fitted to every roof access point.

Zokal goes to great lengths to provide traceability of your company assets by barcoding technology and certification of all of your height safety equipment.

Creation of accurate reports and equipment registers is another of our companies focus. Service of a company’s height safety asset without accurate documentation is of little value and does not protect the client from its Work, Health and Safety compliance. Zokal provides comprehensive, accurate documentation to complete your statutory obligations.

If you have any height related problems let us help you solve them.
When lives depend on you and you take your safety obligations seriously, Zokal is the obvious choice.

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