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On the job safety training for your business

By Denise Cullen, safetysolutions.net.au

WITH about 2000 Australians committing suicide each year, the need to halt this epidemic is both urgent and immense.

Jobs in suicide prevention reach out to people most at risk, and those working on the front line are increasingly adopting a more proactive stance. Tony Holland has been at the helm of the OzHelp Foundation for only a couple of months but he is already spearheading its expansion. Read More

From ipqc.com.au

Traditionally, human resources management in the mining sector had a workforce strategy that echoed the “boom or bust” nature of the industry. Now, in addition to the pre-existing skill shortage in mining, HR managers have to face fierce competition in newly started LNG construction projects that have both the “bucks” and the “must have on the CV” reputation. Read More

From miningtechnologyaustralia.com.au

Leading the way with fatigue management has been a major goal for Perilya, an Australian base metals mining and exploration company operating the iconic zinc, lead and silver mine in Broken Hill, New South Wales.

After some trial and error using systems that didn’t reflect the experience of mining operations, the company came across OPTALERT. Now two months into a three month trial, some interesting results have emerged. Read More

By Andrew Topf, mining.com

In October 2010 the Chinese government shut down 1,611 illegal coal mines in an effort to improve an industry whose working conditions have been described as harsh, dangerous, and often fatal.

Last year in China more than 2,600 people died in mining-related accidents, including explosions, floodings and cave-ins, although fatalities have decreased in recent years due to increased safety inspections and the government shuttering illegal mines.

China’s State Administration of Coal Mine Safety recently announced that it will require its mines to effect a further 10 per cent reduction in fatalities. Read More

By Julien Hall, Platts

Heavy rainfall in the last 48 hours has caused significant disruption at several coking coal mines in the Moranbah region of the Bowen Basin, in Australia’s Queensland, market sources said Tuesday.

The Jellinbah Group’s Lake Vermont mine, which produces 4 million tonnes a year of hard coking coal and PCI was shut following close to 100 mm of rain since Sunday, said sources. Read More

By Haydee Tandinco, safetyculture.com.au

A $3 million national memorial for fallen workers will be built next year in Canberra. The winning design of the National Workers Memorial was unveiled on Thursday at Parliament House.

The memorial funded by the federal government will pay tribute to all Australian workers who lost their lives to work-related accidents and diseases. Read More

By Jessica Burke and Cole Latimer, miningiq.com

For many workers engaged in the mining industry in Australia the experience of work stress is a very personal and private issue.

Behind tough exteriors, many share the experience of difficulty sleeping, fatigue, feelings of anxiety, loneliness and depression. Read More

Mining IQ editorial

Since 2007, McKinsey, a reputed global management consulting firm, has been researching the business case for increasing the number of women in senior management roles. As recent Mining IQ editorial and other press has highlighted, there is a glut of women in these senior executive decision-making roles nationally (and globally) and so we were delighted to read McKinsey’s latest report on women in leadership entitled, ‘Women Matter’. Read More

By Cole Latimer, Australian Mining

Queensland coroners have called for sweeping changes in how the mining industry handles fatigue.

Central Qld coroner Annette Hennessy made 24 recommendations for the industry following her investigation into two separate fatal road accidents. Read More

From Australia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition

A great way to celebrate International Women’s Day last year was to include special presentations and a networking event for all women of the mining sector.

“Women are playing an increasingly important role in the mining industry,” said Paul Baker, exhibitions manager, industrial events, with Reed Exhibitions. Read More